1 Sport Flame = 1 Sportvatar

It all begins with a Sport Flame

The Sport Flame is the secret ingredient to build a Sportvatar.

You can find a Flame inside each pack or you can buy one from other users on the Marketplace.

Burn a Flame to give birth to your Sportvatar.


Into the Legendary

Everything in Sportvatar has four different rarity levels that are color coded: Common-White, Rare-Blue, Epic-Yellow, Legendary-Purple.

While building your Sportvatar, you can choose Traits that belong to the same or lower rarity of the Sport Flame.

Make your very own

It gets creative in the Builder

Sportvatars are made of seven Traits: Body, Clothing, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hair and Facial Hair. Go into the Builder to play among billions of combinations for your Sportvatar.

Each Trait is a limited edition. Once reached the maximum amount of usage, no new Sportvatar can use that specific Trait.

Be wise, though. Sportvatars are immutable and have the uniqueness guaranteed by the blockchain.

The Sportbits

Customizing your look with accessories

Sportbits are optional accessories that you can add and remove from your Sportvatar at any time. While a Trait is forever, there is a Sportbit perfect for any occasion.

Look out for special combos and community challenges that will require Sportvatars to equip different Sportbits each time!

After Minting

Things you can do

You can view your Sportvatar in the community "Locker Room" or in your personal Collection.

From your Sportvatar page you can do a number of things:

  • Reveal your Sportvatar abilities
  • Download your Sportvatar image in multiple formats
  • Equip your Sportvatar with the Sportbit accessories
  • Put your Sportvatar up for sale in the Marketplace

Prepare your Sportvatars for a world of challenges and new exciting features to be announced in the future!

Setup your Dapper wallet to get started

Getting started with theDapper Wallet

If you’re new to trading on the Flow blockchain then here's your step-by-step guide to setting up a Dapper Wallet.

Registering with Dapper Wallet

Connect a Dapper
to Sportvatar

The Dapper wallet is the wallet of choice in the Flow blockchain ecosystem – it’s easy to set up and create an account - all you need is an email address to get started.

Start connecting a wallet

Click the Login / Signup button to open the Dapper sign in popup.

Enter your email address

When prompted enter your email address and click the Sign in / Register button.

Enter a password

Choose a password for your account and click "Sign up" to complete the process

You’re now ready to buy and use your Dapper Wallet